22KV porcelain pin post insulator,22kV 12.5kN ceramic pin post insulator

The primary advantage of22KV porcelain pin post insulator/22kV 12.5kN ceramic pin post insulator is really the advantage of better operating characteristics to line post insulators without changing the hardware.

Porcelain pin post insulator increases the creepage distance and protected creepage distance and enables the insulator used on high polluted areas and seaside area.

22kV 12.5kN ceramic pin post insulator               22KV porcelain pin post insulator

Porcelain pin post insulator Specifications:
One type of 22KV porcelain pin post insulator is widely used in South Asian countries. This ceramic pin post insulator has a creepage distance 534mm and cantilever strength 12.5KN.
22kV 12.5kN ceramic pin post insulator is a popular porcelain pin post insulator used in South American countries, and this kind of ceramic insulator can use on distribution power line up to 22KV.

Orient pin post Insulators alternative design offers users the unique advantage of reducing inventory by using the pin type insulator as a line post insulator. Orient was established in China, which is the leader pin post manufacturer, exporter and supplier. If you want porcelain pin post insulators or other type porcelain ceramic insulator, please email or phone us.

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