33KV 10KN porcelain pin post insulator,ceramic pin post insulators

As a reputed ceramic pin post insulator supplier, the design of the 33KV 10KN porcelain pin post insulator has aimed to produce a theoretically correct insulator as practical as possible.

33KV 10KN porcelain pin post insulator
ceramic pin post insulator

33KV 10KN porcelain pin post insulator/ ceramic pin post insulators design:
The stress on the ceramic pin post insulator under all operating conditions is correspondingly lower than on the thinner types. The critical stress varies with the specific inductive capacity of the material. The one 33KV 10KN porcelain pin post insulator, as proved by tests, both on normal and high frequency, avoids corona up to limited volts. The perfectly balanced field is also very important in securing the full value of the insulating material and enabling the insulator to resist high frequency and other line conditions caused by lightning and switching. In the porcelain pin post insulator the area of contact with cement outside is six or seven times that in the pin hole, causing a greatly concentrated stress on the porcelain next the pin hole. In accordance of ANSI standard, 33KV 10KN porcelain pin post insulator is produced with 10KN mechanical strength.

Orient Power is industry leading pin post insulator supplier. The 33KV 10KN porcelain pin post insulators materials that are used for end fittings are aluminum, steel, malleable cast iron, galvanizing steel and malleable iron casting. These ceramic pin post insulators products are available at very reasonable price to our revered clients.

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