33KV porcelain pin post insulators,high voltage pin post insulator

33KV porcelain pin post insulators, also called 33KV distribution high voltage pin post insulator, consists of a single piece of ceramic or maybe two pieces of ceramic components permanently assembled together by cement. Porcelain pin post insulator is mounted rigidly on a supporting structure by an insulator pin or insulator spindle.

33KV porcelain pin post insulator             porcelain pin post insulator

33KV porcelain pin post insulators/high voltage pin post insulator installation way:
The porcelain pin post insulator is so called because in use it is screwed onto a galvanised forged steel ‘pin’ which is mounted vertically or horizontal on a metal or wooden crossarm. For low voltage systems, 11KV to 33KV, it is usual to have a two piece insulator sheds in which the porcelain in loaded largely in compression.

33KV porcelain pin post insulators design:
For increased working voltages, the number of sheds of the high voltage pin post insulator unit is increased, additional sheds being jointed together by means of Portland cement or sand mortars.
For system voltages above about 33KV, pin insulators become quite large and unwieldy devices. For 33KV systems a creepage distance of about 650mm will be required for reasonably clean areas. Accordingly, above about 33KV porcelain pin post insulators / high voltage pin post insulator are usually employed.

Orient also produces a comprehensive range of porcelain electrical insulators for overhead transmission and distribution lines up to the highest system voltages of 1000 kV with the most progressive technology, engineering and in-service life.

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