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115KV porcelain line post insulator,curved base line post insulator

This 115KV porcelain line post insulator is manufactured as per requirements of a customer and this curved base line post insulator has a good performance in electrical and mechanical sides in its operation.

115KV porcelain line post insulator              115KV porcelain line post insulator

All units of porcelain line post insulator are manufactured from high strength alumina porcelain and are smaller in diameter, lighter in weight and more resistant to impact damage than insulators manufactured from standard strength silica porcelain. Gain bases provide upward slant to insulator to resist compression of fibers in wood poles. Mounting holes are on more than 12inch centers at 115kV.

115KV porcelain line post insulator parameters:

Nominal voltage kv 115
Creeoage distance mm 3505
Cantilever strength kn 12.5
Low frequency withstand voltage dry: kv 320
Low frequency withstand voltage wet: kv 270
Lightning impulse withstand voltage: kv  

Standard color is sky gray, with chocolate available upon request. Standard trunnion bolts are 1-1/8 inch in length (and include lock washer). Long trunnion bolts (2 inch in length) are available upon request (and include jam nut). Orient does most of tests as per ANSI C29.7 and ANSI C29.1 for 115KV porcelain line post insulator, especially quality conformance tests which include visual and dimensional tests, porosity test, galvanizing test and cantilever-strength test.

If this type 115KV porcelain line post insulator meets your requirements or you are interested in other type curved base line post insulators, just contact us freely.

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