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132KV line post insulator,porcelain line post type insulator

This type porcelain line post type insulator, which is 132KV line post insulator, isn’t manufactured by most of line post insulator manufacturers for its high requirements of design and technology.

132KV line post insulator              porcelain line post type insulator

Porcelain line post type insulator routine tests:
Routine flashover test: Each porcelain line post insulator shall be subjected to a flashover test in accordance with clause 7.1 of ANSI C29.1. For this test, an electrode shall be placed on each side of, and adjacent to, the porcelain barrier. All porcelain line post insulators that puncture fail to meet the requirements of this standard.
Routine cantilever test: Each assembled 132KV line post insulator shall be subjected to a cantilever proof test. The load applied shall be not less than 40% of the rated cantilever strength. The force shall be applied at the line end. Only and shall be repeated for each of the four quadrants. All porcelain line post insulators that fail do not meet the requirements of this standard.


All the 132KV line post insulator products shall be completely passed the routine test before delivery to the local and oversea customers. The porcelain line post type insulator shall have successfully passed all the type tests or design tests in accordance with the Industry Standards and the international standards.

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