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69KV line post insulator,gain base type line post insulator

69KV line post insulator can be installed in Horizontal applications. Unique curved base design allows the gain base type line post insulator to be left in place while the keeper bolt can be tightened.

69KV porcelain line post insulator              69KV porcelain line post insulator

No more need to stock two types and bother with separate clamps. Now one product comes complete with integral clamp. For copper users it can also be purchased with aluminum body tin-plated. Made from wet process porcelain 69KV line post insulator is designed for maximum self-cleaning characteristics and long life performance.

69KV line post insulator parameters:

Nominal voltage kv 69
Creeoage distance mm 1805
Cantilever strength kn 12.73
Low frequency withstand voltage dry: kv 250
Low frequency withstand voltage wet: kv 225
Lightning impulse withstand voltage: kv 350

This gain base type porcelain line post insulators are tested in independently in Lab to meet North American ANSI standards and stringent specifications. Over decades Orient has perfected the production of high voltage ceramics in the form of 69KV line post insulator for electrical engineering. Highly developed and monitored processes form the basis for a production where customer-specific special requests are implemented with the same precision and reliability as standardized standard components during series production.

The improvement management guarantees the continuous optimization of processes and the ongoing further development in efficiency as well as economy. You will get 69KV porcelain line post insulator at a reasonable price guide, low price and good quality. More about 69kv line post insulator please contact us freely.

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