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72.5KV porcelain line post insulator,gain base line post insulator

72.5KV porcelain line post insulator is Orient hot product and is widely used on wooden poles in many countries for its special design for this application. It is called curved base or gain base line post insulator.

Gain base line post insulator forming with individual design:
On vertical lathes the insulator is given its external shape in accordance with a specific design through machining of the body. After a precisely monitored drying process the raw of porcelain line post insulators already has high strength from clay bonding, allowing the enamel to be applied in the immersion bath. During the subsequent firing the ceramic structure with its very high hardness is created.

72.5KV porcelain line post insulator              72.5KV porcelain line post insulator

Internal quality control:
After the subsequent assembly of metallic fittings the production process is complete and the 72.5KV porcelain line post insulator from high performance ceramics is tested in accordance with international standards or customer specifications in the on-site lab.

72.5KV porcelain line post insulator parameters:

Nominal voltage kv 72.5
Creeoage distance mm 1805
Cantilever strength kn 12.73
Low frequency withstand voltage dry: kv 250
Low frequency withstand voltage wet: kv 225
Lightning impulse withstand voltage: kv 350

Each insulator shall bear symbols identifying the manufacturer and giving the year of manufacture. The marking shall be legible and durable. Orient will package these 72.5KV porcelain line post insulator and other porcelain line post insulators in wooden case with pallet or as per customers’ requirements.

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