10KV Porcelain pin post insulator

10KV Porcelain pin post insulator consists of ceramic including Steatite, Cordierite, Alumina, Zirconia. These materials according to proper proportion mixing system are made into ceramics high performance.

10KV Porcelain pin post insulator                Porcelain pin post insulator

The steatite material for 10KV Porcelain pin post insulator:
L3 Steatite - Good electrical properties, temperature capabilities to 1800° F, and high strength. A good choice for applications requiring good electrical insulation but not involving high frequency.

L5 Steatite - Good electrical properties at normal and radio frequencies. High strength and ability to withstand temperatures to 1800° F. Applications include coil forms and other insulators in radio frequency applications and a wide range of electrical 10KV Porcelain pin post insulators where good electrical and mechanical properties are required.

C10 Steatite - Our high thermal expansion body developed to facilitate ceramic glass to metal sealing while retaining the good electrical and mechanical characteristics of our other steatite bodies.

Due to the reason above, welcome you choose our10KV Porcelain pin post insulator or other porcelain electrical insulator.

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