110KV outdoor post insulators

110KV outdoor post insulators used for voltage 10-500KV for outdoor power plants, substations and distribution equipment and electrical equipment, insulation for the live parts and the support.

110KV outdoor post insulators

110KV outdoor post insulators material is high mechanical strength ductile iron, hot dip galvanized surface. It has excellent resistance to rust. Fitted with rubber cement grade cement, coupled with reasonable conservation technology, the strength of the porcelain has been brought into full play. Any voltage level products were single column, with simple structure, long service life and low maintenance, etc.

Insulators porcelain pieces made by the upper and lower metal accessories, cement glue binding. Brown-glazed porcelain pieces on the surface, or according to user requirements of color glazing. Surface galvanized metal accessories, 330kV and above to support bus insulator, its top features equalizing ring.

110KV outdoor post insulators, by the use of ambient atmosphere of cleanliness, Common type insulators, Fog type and resistant to heavy duty type three.



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