11kv stay insulators

11kv stay insulators is one of stay insulator used on electrical poles for supporting and insulation, which is also called guy strain insulator.

11kv stay insulators

11kv stay insulators, highly resistant to lightning puncture, side and top grooves, allow the acceptance of large – diameter conductors to permit easy tying.

For ensuring insulator quality, 11kv stay insulators should the samples shall be dry and clean, Stay insulator test, we can choose metal conductors and Do them in accordance with insulator specifications.

The 11kv stay insulator surface shall have a high-gloss finish to resist the adherence of contaminating materials and to minimize tracking and ultraviolet damage. The 11kv stay insulators have excellent weathering characteristics, and remain stable and uniform in varying temperatures.

11kv stay insulators are generally used on 11kv distribution power lines for supporting and insulating with high mechanical and electrical performance.


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