12KV ceramic pin post insulator supplier

As a reputed 12KV ceramic pin post insulator supplier, Orient in the production of a batch of 12kV ceramic pin post insulator shall guarantee the quality of these insulators.

Based upon accumulated laboratory test data and field experiences regarding efficiency of leakage distance of various shed shapes for AC & DC systems, Orient Power has established the shed shapes of 12KV ceramic pin post insulator.

12KV ceramic pin post insulator              ceramic pin post insulator

Porcelain pin post insulator used in heating applications are designed and built for resistance to high temperatures - up to 2700 ºF - and resistance to fast thermal cycling. It is recommended that only Cordierite and Alumina (all grades) be used in high heat applications due to their impressive thermal stability. 12kV ceramic pin post insulator for heating is not glazed, metalized nor has any coating applied due to the inferior high temperature performance of the coating.

Generally, Fine Ceramics (also known as “advanced ceramics”) are insulating materials that do not conduct electricity. 12kV ceramic pin post insulator was widely used in the world with its high performance and long using life. 

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Orient is an international line post insulator manufacturer and supplier of high quality porcelain line post insulators and porcelain pin post insulator.
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