132KV ceramic line post insulator

Here at Orient Power, we handle all aspects of 132KV ceramic line post insulator production from the formulation of the ceramics themselves to glazing and finishing final parts. Our capabilities include:
• Ceramic Material Formulation
• Die/Tooling Fabrication
• Extrusion
• Pressing
• Machining
• Grinding
• Glazing
• Firing
• Packaging
• Shipping

132KV ceramic line post insulator end fittings:
Metalization is a thin coating of a metal material on the porcelain line post insulator which provides an interface between the ceramic and the solder or brazing material used to bond to a metal component. Unmetalized sections of the part for 132KV ceramic line post can also be glazed.

132KV ceramic line post insulator                 ceramic line post insulator

Alumina and steatite are the materials that we make that are used in this manufacturing process for 132KV ceramic line post insulator. Size capabilities and consistent with the sizes for unmetalized components of the same material as like porcelain line post insulators.

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