22kv silicone rubber insulators

22kv silicone rubber insulators shall be designed to meet the high quality, safety and reliability and are capable of withstanding a wide range of environmental conditions.

22kv silicone rubber insulators

Nominal System Voltage 11 kV 22 kV 33 kV
Corresponding highest system Voltage 12 kV 24kV 36 kV
Frequency 50 Hz with 3% tolerance
Neutral earthing effectively grounded

The insulators should withstand the conductor tension, the reversible wind load as well as the high frequency vibrations due to wind. Glass fibers shall be Boron free electrically corrosion resistant glass fiber or Boron free E-Glass and shall exhibit both high electrical integrity and high resistance to acid corrosion.

22kv silicone rubber insulators consist of good self-cleaning properties.


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