25KV Porcelain pin post insulator

25KV Porcelain pin post insulator consists of ceramic including Steatite, Cordierite, Alumina, Zirconia. These materials according to proper proportion mixing system are made into ceramics high performance.

25KV Porcelain pin post insulator                Porcelain pin post insulator

We manufacture alumina components in four grades of purity: 92%, 95%, 96%, and 99.5% to meet a wide range of needs. All have good electrical and mechanical characteristics, are able to withstand elevated temperatures exceeding 2500° F, and have good wear properties. Applications include thread and wire guides,spark plugs and ignition devices, welding and sand blast nozzles, and 25KV Porcelain pin post insulators in furnaces and ovens- including high vacuum applications.

Zirconia is often used in wear applications, but also in very high temperature environments for ceramic pin post insulators. It has a high surface lubricity and can be manufactured with a high surface finish. It is good for things like thread and wire guides for powder pressing.

Choosing excellent material for 25KV Porcelain pin post insulator or ceramic pin post insulator is an important step in manufacturing process of insulator

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