33KV line post insulator

The 33KV line post insulator products offered by us developed and designed as per the international quality and norms. They are made from the best quality raw materials making them highly efficient and long lasting in nature.

Our 33KV line post insulator products are properly tested on different parameters before they are supplied in the market. We offer them in the standard as well as customized specification according to the requirement of the valued clients.

33KV line post insulator
porcelain line post insulator

33KV porcelain line post insulator rated specifications:
Our 33KV porcelain line post insulators from the latest high performance ceramics have been in use for many decades in electrical towers and stations platforms.
According to international standard, Porcelain line post insulator specifications:
1. Rated Voltage and SML: 11kV/4kN, 22kV/4kN, 33kV/4kN, 11kV/10kN, 22kV/10kN, 33kV/10kN.
2. Material of shed: porcelain ceramic
3. Material of end fitting: metal steel

33KV line post insulator property:
The 33KV line post insulator unit consists of a metal cap and metal pin assembled to a porcelain by means of neat cement. These three materials have different temperature coefficients of expansion, the metal parts having the highest coefficient and the porcelains the lowest.

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Orient is an international line post insulator manufacturer and supplier of high quality porcelain line post insulators and porcelain pin post insulator.
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