ANSI insulator

ANSI insulator includes porcelain ANSI insulator and composite ANSI insulator, and made according to ANSI standards. All ANSI insulators should meet ANSI C29.1 or ANSI C29.11.

ANSI insulator              ANSI insulator

ANSI insulator definitions:
Insulator: An insulator is a device intended to give flexible or rigid support to electric conductors or equipment and to insulate these conductors or equipment from ground or from other conductors or equipment.
An insulator comprises one or more insulating parts to which connecting devices (metal fittings) are often permanently attached.
Shell: A shell is a single insulating member, having a skirt or skirts without cement or other connecting devices, intended to form a part of an insulator or an insulator assembly.

ANSI insulator tests:
Electrical tests: low-frequency dry flashover voltage tests, low-frequency wet flashover voltage tests, low-frequency dry withstand voltage tests, low-frequency wet withstand voltage tests, low-frequency dew withstand voltage tests …
Mechanical tests: ultimate mechanical-strength tests, combined mechanical and electrical-strength test (suspension insulators), time-load-withstand-strength test, porosity test, thermal test and pinhole-gaging test

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