ANSI standard line post insulator

Orient Power offers four different "classes" of solid core line post porcelain insulators for range of transmission and distribution applications. ANSI standard line post insulator is widely used on high voltage.

ANSI standard line post insulator               line post insulator

ANSI standard line post insulator types:
Porcelain tie top line post insulator: ANSI 57-1, ANSI 57-2, ANSI 57-3, ANSI 57-4, ANSI 57-5, ANSI 57-6
Porcelain vertical clamp top line post insulator: ANSI 57-11, ANSI 57-12, ANSI 57-13, ANSI 57-14, ANSI 57-15, ANSI 57-16
Porcelain horizontal clamp top line post insulator: ANSI 57-21, ANSI 57-22, ANSI 57-23, ANSI 57-24, ANSI 57-25, ANSI 57-26
Porcelain horizontal clamp top gain base type line post insulator: ANSI 57-31, ANSI 57-32, ANSI 57-33, ANSI 57-34, ANSI 57-35, ANSI 57-36

ANSI standard line post insulator applications:
Short, sturdy sheds of line post design also contribute to the neat, trim appearance of modern overhead construction. Bases and caps on Orient clamp top line posts are cemented on the porcelain, loading the porcelain with low intensity compression grip over a large area.
Now, distribution post insulators, both tie top and clamp top, utilizing a simple cup type base attached with a single stud may be mounted, in combination with the larger offset brackets, in the horizontal position to provide ample mid span conductor separation on long span construction.

More details about ANSI standard line post insulator, porcelain line post insulators tests and so on, please contact Orient.

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