ASNI Toughened glass insulator

ASNI Toughened glass insulators are used on high voltage, ultra-high voltage AC and DC transmission line to insulate and hang wire.

ASNI Toughened glass insulator

ASNI Toughened glass insulator, because of its high bending strength, it can prevent the cascade fracture of porcelain crossarm. And It is irreplaceable product with the pollution resistant characteristic.

ASNI Toughened glass insulator advantage:
high strength
long creepage distance
saving metal material and reduce the cost of line
aging resistance
strence soiling
superior electrial function, metchnical capability, high and low tempreture resistance

ASNI Toughened glass insulator can use the narrow corridor area boosting and delivering the current. It can reduce the height of pole and tower saving a lot of resources.


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