Advantages of Composite Insulators

Advantages of Composite Insulators have many, especially for ultra HV transmission lines, such as Light weight, Better contamination performance and so on.

Advantages of Composite Insulators

Polymeric transmission line insulators offer significant advantages over porcelain and glass insulators, especially for ultra HV transmission lines. Their light weight allows tower designs and compacting that porcelain and glass insulators do not. They can be used as phase spacers on compact lines to control galloping and to limit conductor motion due to through-faults.

The main feature of Composite Insulators:
Light weight-lower construction and transportation costs
High strength to weight ratio-longer spans/new tower
Better contamination performance
Improved transmission line aesthetics

Advantages of Composite Insulators, the composite insulators do not shatter, break or cause any harm to personnel in the case of misadventure. That the sheds are pliable, this feature allows greater safety in handling the composite insulators.


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