Advantages of polymeric insulators

Compared to traditional porcelain or glass insulator, advantages of polymeric insulators have many. But porcelain insulators have themselves advantages. This article mainly talks about advantages of polymeric insulators and porcelain insulators. Polymeric insulators can be divided into line post insulator, pin post insulator, suspension insulator as well as porcelain insulators.

polymeric insulators

Advantages of polymeric insulators
◆ Excellent adhesive strength
◆ Good dielectric properties
◆ Variable fixed shrinkage
◆ Excellent electric corrosion-proof property
◆ Widely used in the electrical, railway, automobile and civil construction industries, such as 22kV pin post insulator is also used on distribution lines

Advantages of porcelain insulators
◆ high strength and insulating rubber insulation strength
◆ Anti-fouling capacity enhancement reduce pollution flashover in the transportation
◆ Effectively prevent damage to the insulator
◆ Thereby extending the life of insulators

There are some information about polymeric insulator and porcelain insulator, for example we make a pdf for porcelain pin post insulators with its materials, manufacturing process and others.

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