Anchoring, bolts and crossarm pins

Anchoring, bolts and crossarm pins are the main hardware of pole lines. The types of anchoring, bolts and crossarm pins and the parameters are the main factors for customers to choose products.

Anchoring, bolts, and crossarm pins types:
Pisa rod extensions c/w coupling
Rock anchor ext. rod, Pisa rod
Triple eye rock anchor
Double thimble eye anchor rod, Double eye thimble anchor rod
Expanding rock anchor, Screw anchor
Double helix, Single helix
Long multi helix anchor extension & c102-0025 guy adapter foundation anchor
Square one single helix, Tough one single helix
Twin eye nut - 1" thread
Rock anchor c/w wedge, Pole key anchor
8 way expansion anchor
Plate anchor for 3/4 or 1" rod, Copper clad ground rod
Square head/square nut, hex head/hex nut
Machine bolt, spool bolt
Double arming bolt - hex nut or square nut
Thimble eye bolt, oval eye bolt
Ball link shoulder eye bolt - hex nut
5" above 5-3/4" below 5/8 shank 1" head, and so on
Short shank, long shank, nylon head
Head angle x-arm pin, stand off pin
Short shank pin, lead crossarm pin adapter
Angle poletop pin, pole top pin

Among these anchoring, bolts and crossarm pins, some of them are used together electrical insulators and sold with insulators, such as parts of bolts crossarm pins. The detailed parameters of these products can be provided if you need.

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