Approvals and shipment history

Approvals and shipment history show the advantages of insulator manufacturer. Orient has received acceptance from the United States Department of Agriculture, RUS Division for the polymer dead ends.

This assures RUS members that they may use the products and meet the necessary criteria for approval of construction. This one agency (RUS) specifies acceptable materials for all member cooperatives. Thus, with this acceptance in place, the primary customer base for our new products has to date been the RUS market served through distributors.

On a parallel basis, we have been seeking product approval from Investor Owned Utilities Public Power and Municipalities. To date we are making significant progress in this area. Samples and test data have been submitted to all major customers.

Units have been installed for test at a number of locations including TXU and Florida Power Corp. We have been approved by JEA, TXU, SCE, Florida Power Corp and many other utilities. Insulators are also under test at AEP and the Southern Company.

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