Baroda bushing & insulator

Baroda bushing & insulator includes porcelain insulators and silicone rubber bushing insulator. Composite Baroda bushing & insulator is made up of epoxy tube cover silicone insulator with oil in it.

Baroda bushing & insulator picture and drawing:

Baroda bushing & insulator             Baroda bushing & insulator

Composite Baroda bushing & insulator advantages:
Its weight is less than 30% of porcelain insulator with the same rated voltage. It is easy to load and unload for transportation
Excellent capability of ultraviolet resistance, aging resistance Weather resistance and anticorrosion
The earthing of the stress-relief cone is reliable.
According user's needs, we can afford straight or taper products

Main parts of porcelain termination properties:
Terminal lug, Pole, Screen, composite tube insulator, Insulating fluid filled, stress-relief cone, base plate, support insulation, tail, earth electrode

Baroda bushing & insulator is suitable for outdoor or contamination area. The stress-relief cone is prefabricated. The excellent vibration-resistance performance and no danger in explosion are also its advantages.

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