Brace includes Alley Arm, Angle, Crossarm, Flat Steel, Crossarm, Wood, Double Span, Steel, and Guard Arm. All these brace products will be introduced through the application, features, materials, etc.

Brace types and details:
Alley Arm:
Alley arms, crossarms mounted to one side of the pole, require rigid bracing to insure proper alignment of power distribution and transmission lines. Sturdy Orient angle steel alley arm braces mount at a 45-degree angle and come complete with a solidly welded lineman step.
These braces are mounted to the side of the arm by a machine bolt and attached to the pole with two 1/2" lag screws.
Material: Hot Dip Galvanized

These braces are used as tension members on the side of the arm opposite the odd conductor to compensate for the unbalanced load.
Pole mounting end is flattened so the brace can be used as either a right-hand or left-hand member.
Material: Hot Dip Galvanized

Crossarm, Flat Steel:
Flat crossarm braces, used in pairs, are an inexpensive means of aligning and supporting crossarms.
Mounting hole diameters are 7/16" for 3/8" crossarm mounting bolts and 9/16" for pole mounting with 1/2" lag screw or through bolt. Hole centers are 1" from the brace ends, which are rounded for extra safety.
Material: Hot Dipped Galvanized

Crossarm, Wood:
MacLean wood crossarm braces are designed engineered to support wood crossarms to provide durability, strength and extended service life. The wood braces are a lightweight, alternative to steel crossarm braces and have better insulation properties than conductive metal braces. They feature corrosion resistant aluminum end fittings that are permanently pinned into the wood with a tongue and groove configuration. The braces are produced from extra strong Apitong wood that is preservative treated to resist insect, fungus and environmental attack.

Orient wood braces are available in a sidearm installation design for lighter duty applications and an underarm installation design for heavier duty applications. The JA5526 sidearm braces are produced from 3/4"x1-3/4" cross section Apitong wood and have aluminum fittings with 7/16" holes for mounting to the crossarm and 9/16" holes for mounting to the pole.

Our JA47xxR series underarm installation design are produced from 1-3/4" square cross section Apitong wood and have aluminum fittings with 9/16" holes for mounting to the arm and 11/16" holes for mounting to the pole.

Both our sidearm and underarm braces are reversible style, eliminating the need for right hand / left hand braces and are sold in pairs.

Material: Aluminum Alloy End Fittings, Preservative-Treated Apitong wood

Double Span, Steel:
One piece, angle steel, double span braces are used to support heavy crossarm construction. Braces are attached to the underside of the crossarm with 1/2" bolts or lag screws and fastened to the pole with a 5/8" bolt. The pole mounting section is designed to allow more than ample clearance for wrenching.
Material: Hot Dip Galvanized

Guard Arm:
This guard arm brace is used for light duty support and stability of crossarms in telecommunications construction.
Mounts to the crossarm with a 3/8-inch diameter bolt and to the pole with a 1/2-inch diameter lag screw.
Material: Hot Dip Galvanized

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