Brown color porcelain line post insulator

Brown color porcelain line post insulator is used in applications that require a non-conductive rigid component and/or source for heat dissipation. Although all ceramic formulations can be used in electrical applications, Steatite and Alumina (all grades) are the most common choice due to their excellent electrical properties. Brown color porcelain line post insulator commonly has coatings applied including glazing, coating and metalizing. Metalization of electrical ceramic line post insulators is common practice for ease of installation into control panels and electrical boards through soldering.

Brown color porcelain line post insulator                porcelain line post insulator

Brown color porcelain line post insulators are most often used to provide non-conductive bridges between electronic components, however, they are also installed into control boards and boxes as a heat sink. At Orient Power, we are capable of producing a wide variety of geometries for ceramic heat sinks and electrical porcelain line post insulators. We have also developed long-running alliances with outside vendors and suppliers to provide our customers with a range of capabilities for ceramic fabrication that allows us to provide the best quality ceramic products for the best price.

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