Bus insulators

Bus insulators are used by switchgear, power transformer and bus-duct manufacturers and packagers for all 5kv-34.5kv applications where ‘uptime’ is paramount. A20 and A30 are the common types.

Bus insulators types:
Indoor bus insulators: A20-1, A20-2, A20-3, A20-4, A30-1, A30-3, A30-4, A30-6

Indoor bus insulators

Bus insulators details:
A20 and A30 bus insulators typically have high mechanical stresses placed on them so cantilever tests are performed to guarantee that industry standards are met.
A20 bus insulators are offered for 5kv, 7.2kv, 15kv/95kv BIL and 15kv/110kv BIL applications. A30 bus insulators are offered in the same voltage classes as A20’s, as well as 23kv and 34.5kv.
Bus insulators are typically used to support copper or porcelain bus-bars and many of those bus-bars can be quite lengthy. In addition bus insulators are commonly used in high-voltage switching applications. Ease of installation is key so Orient Power International supplies A20 bus insulators that have aluminum inserts and A30 bus insulators with hot-dipped galvanized inserts.
Maintenance of bus insulators is really not required as the glaze coating on the exterior of the insulator keeps dirt and pollutants from adhering to the insulator. The metal inserts are made from metals that will not deteriorate and are ideal for supporting copper and aluminum bus-bars.
The design of porcelain A20 and A30 bus insulators takes into account both the mechanical and electrical requirements of IEEE, IEC, NEMA and ANSI Standards. Testing is also performed in accordance with the applicable industry standards.

While it does take time and energy to manufacture porcelain insulators, Orient Power helps customers avoid long lead times by stocking industry standard porcelain A20 and A30 bus insulators. Stocking agreements are offered so that your production process can run without interruption.

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