Bushing outdoor insulator

Bushing outdoor insulator is part of the outdoor porcelain termination, which is made of porcelain outdoor insulator with insulating oil in it with long reliable steady-going running history.

Bushing outdoor insulator photos and drawing:

Bushing outdoor insulator            Bushing outdoor insulator

Outdoor porcelain termination properties:
Cable section: 95 - 2500mm2 particularly suitable for chemical industry, steel industry, power industry, littoral area and the area far from the center of the city.
The porcelain insulator is made of high electricity performance porcelain with big and small skirts and long creepage distance (One piece mud of 66 110kV porcelain insulator)
The structure and the method of sealing are reliable and make sure no leakage.
The earthing of the stress-relief cone is reliable. Easy to install.
There is a check hole in the base plate
According user's needs, we can install a set against explode.

Main parts of porcelain termination properties:
Terminal lug, Pole, Screen, Bushing outdoor insulator, Insulating fluid filled, stress-relief cone, base plate, support insulation, tail, earth electrode

In addition to the bushing outdoor insulator function and application, the electric performance and the installation dimension of the outdoor porcelain termination also can be supplied by Orient Power.

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