CS70AB composite suspension insulator

CS70AB composite suspension insulator is a kind of overhead Insulators, and the drawing, and technical data (dimensions and parameters) of CS70AB are shown in the following, as well as other products.

CS70AB composite suspension insulator dimensions:
Section length: 1150mm
Creepage distance: 1350mm
Arcing distance: 960mm
Ball: according to IEC60120: 16mm
O ring: according to EN61466-1

CS70AB composite suspension insulator

CS70AB composite suspension insulator parameters:
Power frequency wet withstand voltage: 70kv
Lightning impulse withstand voltage: 170kv
Mechanical failing load: 70kn
Routine tension load: 35kn
Applied standard: IEC 61109

In addition to CS70AB composite suspension insulator, Orient Power also produces the entire range of High Voltage Insulators or High Tension Insulators for use in overhead lines. This segment covers the entire gamut of products including Pin Insulators, Disc Insulators, line post insulator, Post Insulators and Insulators for Special Purpose Applications.

Orient Power has made a name for itself in the field of Special Purpose Applications pioneering design and manufacture of Insulators with High Mechanical Strength and Creepage to offer Customer Specific Insulating Solutions. CS70AB composite suspension insulator is just one kind of Orient Power insulators. More details please contact us.

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