Ceramic insulator manufacturer in China

Orient Power is a Ceramic insulator manufacturer in China mainly manufacturing electrical insulators and electric apparatus for both domestic and international markets from all over the world.

Products of Ceramic insulator manufacturer in China:
57 Series porcelain Line Post Insulator: 10kv line post insulator 57-1, 15kv line post insulator 57-2S, 15kv line post insulator 57-2, 24kv line post insulator 57-3S, 24kv line post insulator 57-3, 35kv line post insulator 57-4, 35kv line post insulator 57-5B, 35kv line post insulator 57-5, 35kv line post insulator 57-6, 35kv line post insulator 57-14, 35kv line post insulator 57-15, 35kv line post insulator 57-24, 35kv line post insulator 57-25, 10kv line post insulator 57-31, 33kv line post insulator 57-34, 35kv line post insulator 57-35, 69kv line post insulator 57-36

Indoor bus insulators: A20-1, A20-2, A20-3, A20-4, A30-1, A30-3, A30-4, A30-6

Post insulators: 15kv post insulator TR-205, 20kv post insulator TR-208, 35kv post insulator TR-210, 66kv post insulator TR-216, post insulator H4-125, post insualtor C4-125, 35kv post insulator C4-250
Outdoor insulators: 24kv outdoor insulator, 35kv outdoor insulator P-13, 35kv outdoor post insulator, 66kv outdoor insulator

Porcelain bushings: 63kv porcelain bushing, 35kv porcelain bushing, 24kv porcelain bushing, 45kv porcelain bushing, 110kv porcelain bushing

Ceramic insulator

Ceramic insulator manufacturer in China details:
We are equipped with a full set of professional instruments for analyzing and testing on raw material and finished products. Besides, our company has established an excellent system of technique control and quality assurance. Our company always puts quality in the first place. We consider it is our continuing mission to provide the highest quality electrical insulator products for our customers. Meanwhile, we focus on developing new products as well.

Ceramic insulator manufacturer in China mainly manufactures series of high strength electronic ceramic insulators of high level, including various ranges of porcelain stanchions and high/low press circuitry products. Our products have been exported to over ten countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Japan and South Africa.

Orient Power keeps on innovating and expanding the field of electronic ceramic insulator products. We sincerely expect the cooperation with business partners at home and abroad, to promote mutual development.

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Orient is an international line post insulator manufacturer and supplier of high quality porcelain line post insulators and porcelain pin post insulator.
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