Ceramic insulator markings

Ceramic insulator markings are required in all related standards, and it should include the insulator manufacturer, insulator type and so on.

Ceramic insulator markings:
Porcelain / glass suspension type insulator: Each insulator unit shall bear symbols giving the year of manufacture and the tension-proof test load in pounds, identified by the word “TEST”.
In addition, each insulator unit except those of classes 52-1 and 52-9 shall be marked with the combined mechanical and electrical rating in pounds identified by the symbol “M&E”.
Porcelain insulators – Apparatus, Cap and Pin Type: Each insulator unit shall bear symbols giving the year of manufacture.

Each insulator unit shall bear symbols identifying the manufacturer. The Ceramic insulator markings shall be legible and durable. More details about insulator markings are shown on our website.

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