Ceramic insulators production method

Over decades Orient Power has perfected the production of high voltage ceramics in the form of insulators for electrical engineering. Ceramic insulators production method includes porcelain, individual design, etc.

Ceramic insulators production method details:
Highly developed and monitored processes form the basis for a production where customer-specific special requests are implemented with the same precision and reliability as standardized standard components during series production. The improvement management guarantees the continuous optimization of processes and the ongoing further development in efficiency as well as economy.

Ceramic insulators production method

From the raw material to the "bodies"
The unique vertical integration of our insulators starts with the selection of raw materials. These are of high purity and with constant properties. The optimized mix is mixed and ground exactly in accordance with the formulation. Vacuum extrusion presses then shape the plastic filter cakes into cylindrical blanks, the so-called "bodies". During a precisely defined drying process they reach the correct consistency for the subsequent forming process.

Forming with individual design
On vertical lathes the insulator is given its external shape in accordance with a specific design through machining of the body. After a precisely monitored drying process the raw insulator already has high strength from clay bonding, allowing the enamel to be applied in the immersion bath. During the subsequent firing the ceramic structure with its very high hardness is created.

Internal quality control
After the subsequent assembly of metallic fittings the production process is complete and the insulator from high performance ceramics is tested in accordance with international standards or customer specifications in the on-site lab.

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