Ceramic pin post insulator 20 kv

Ceramic pin post insulator 20 kv features are threaded pinhple design and post-type construction. The design parameters and benefits of pin post insulators are shown in the following.

Ceramic pin post insulator 20 kv              Ceramic pin post insulator 20 kv

Ceramic pin post insulator 20 kv features:
Threaded pinhple design: Threaded pinhple design permits installation on existing pins, reduce cost of reinsulating line
Highest quality, purified porcelain
High mechanical and electrical strength
Uniform radio treatment
Post-type construction: the corrugated post-type construction gives better electrical performance without the need to heavily overinsulate, ideal for reinsulating lines which have contamination induced flashover

Ceramic pin post insulator 20 kv designs are F-neck. Sizes and dimensions correspond to ANSI requirements for F-neck designation. Ceramic pin post insulator is a unique design which combines the advantages of line post insulators and pin type insulators into one insulator.

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