Characteristics of horizontal-V insulator

As one kind of braced line post assemblies, the definition of horizontal-V insulator and the Characteristics of horizontal-V insulator will be introduced in the following.


The definition of horizontal-V insulator:
A horizontal-V insulator uses a conventional line post with a suspension string at a fixed offset extending from the tower face, adding a stabilizing force to the assembly.

Some of the characteristics of a horizontal-V assembly are:
It uses a fixed base horizontal line post (zero degree upsweep).
It has an inclined hinge axis to add resistance to longitudinal movement.
It employs a suspension insulator ground end stub arm (vang).
The longitudinal strength is limited to the RCL rating of the line post component.
It generates high tower torque (Z-direction) under longitudinal loading.

You can read more about braced line post assemblies, especially for horizontal-V insulator on Orient Power website.

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