Composite Cross Arm Tower

Composite Cross Arm Tower is new style maintenance-free product. It consists of composite crossarm and tower, and as a kind of new material, they have many advantages during operation.

Composite Cross Arm Tower

Composite Cross Arm Tower advantages:
Improve safety: It could significantly reduce length of tie down insulator by using composite cross arm, in some cases, not using tie down insulator could reduce the risk of flashover trip by wind. it could also avoid pollution flashover, temperature and humidity accident, reduce icing, improve stability of operation system.
Narrow corridor width: Due to no existing wind swing risk of tie down insulator, it could significantly narrow power transmission corridor width, save land. Lack of transmission resource is international issue for power system development, and especially for city, the composite could solve this problem.

In addition to the composite Cross Arm Tower advantages shown above, reduce tower height and save resource are also the main advantages of composite crossarm tower. On these towers, you can also see many types of insulators, such as line post insulator, suspension insulator, pin post insulator and so on.

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