Composite Insulator advantages

Composite Insulator advantages are the reason that they are widely used in recently years. Composite Insulator is suitable for different climatic conditions, such as rain, tempest, ice, sunlight, drought, etc.

Composite Insulator advantages:
Environmental influences, such as
Rain, storm, tempest
Snow, ice, extreme cold
Sunlight, heat, drought
as well as extreme climatic conditions around the world also place a challenge on materials and products.

Rain, storm, tempest   Snow, ice, extreme cold

Sunlight, heat, drought

Our insulators are exposed daily to enormous tensile stress in the construction of transmission lines, because the towers used in energy transmission utilize 1300 ft to 1700 ft spans with a weight of approx. 22 tons. They must remain exposed to these forces for duration of several decades without endangering safety or reduction in their functionality.

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