Composite distribution insulators

Composite distribution insulators are Orient hot insulator products with the materials, process, people, committed to quality, your preferred supplier, a network of local representatives, and your satisfaction guaranteed.

Composite distribution insulators materials:
The manufacture of Victor’s polymer insulator starts with the highest quality materials available. We sourced the world for the very best. Engineered polymer EPDM and silicone from the world’s largest independent rubber compounders. High strength fiberglass cores and ferrous end fittings from suppliers committed to world class standards for quality, delivery and cost competitiveness.

Composite distribution insulators process:
Polymer compound and fiberglass cores are permanently bonded together in a state-of-the-art cold molding process that integrates both materials in an impenetrable and inseparable bond. End fittings are crimped securely using the latest technology.

The people:
The Orient polymer team of experts has over 75 years of experience in the design and manufacture of polymer insulators. This experience and expertise enables us to utilize a proven molding process andPolymerinsulatorsMillwright.jpg (15233 bytes) the latest product technology.

Committed to Quality:
It’s what you would expect from North America’s first and oldest manufacturer of insulators. It starts with rigorous inspection of raw materials and components. It continues through constant in-process checks and testing. And includes post-production testing, analysis and inspection. It’s a quality process that ensures that every product you order will provide years of trouble-free service.

Your Preferred Supplier:
With the addition of polymer to our line of proven insulators, you can now enjoy all the benefits of a single, reliable, cost-competitive full-line supplier for all your insulator needs. Victor Insulators should be your preferred supplier for polymer and porcelain distribution dead ends, spools, strains, line posts, pin types and station posts.

A Network of Local Representatives:
Our national network of experienced and knowledgeable sales representatives is your guarantee of responsive action and commitment to your needs. Our representatives work and live in the communities they serve. They know your unique requirements. And together with the Victor headquarters team, they provide fast, cost-competitive, reliable solutions.

A Name You Can Trust:
For over 100 years (since 1893) Victor has been dedicated to serving the electrical industry by providing the highest quality products to meet all application requirements. We have always led the way with new and exciting insulator products and technology. And every new product - like our polymer insulator - is introduced only when we’re sure it meets our customers’ highest standards - and our own.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed:
It’s the reason why we’re the preferred supplier for more and more customers. We’ve earned their trust. Our definition of customer satisfaction goes far beyond providing reliable products at competitive prices. It includes a commitment to meet — and exceed — customer expectations with courteous, knowledgeable order taking, on-time delivery and fast response to every customer inquiry. It’s a commitment shared by every Victor employee and sales representative.

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