Composite insulator

Composite insulator includes many types, and is used for different applications. They are made of high quality raw materials.

Composite insulator

Composite insulator applications:
Insulator contamination is a common problem on overhead lines.
The essential element for interruption with contaminated insulators is moisture.
Wet atmospheric condition results in water filming on insulator surfaces and leakage currents develop.
Silicone offers the ultimate solution in distribution insulators.
The material inherently resists water filming there by limiting leakage currents.
lnsulators with reduced leakage currents, even when contaminated, require less frequent washing.
The saving maintenance cost is yet other benefit in using silicone rubber insulators.

Orient produces polymer insulators, Cut-out fuses and Cross-arms within the range of 24KV to 400KV.

Composite insulator types:
Suspension & dead end insulators
Transmission silicone rubber insulators (66kv, 132kv, 230kv, 400KV)
Line post insulators (24kv, 36kv)
Surge arrester distribution class polymeric housing (24kv, 36kv 10KA)
24kv & 36kv standard cutout fuse
Hybrid pin type & line post type insulators (hybrid insulator polymeric ceramic, specification for protected areas creepage design 20kv & 33kv class insulators)
Phase to phase spacer
Covers: for silicon rubber insulators, surge arrester, transformer bushing, cutout fuse, ceramic insulators
24kv & 36kv silicone rubber pin
24kv & 36kv cross arm
Transformer bushing: silicon ceramic, silicon glass-fiber

36kv Cutout fuse:
Parallel-grooye connector: Tin-plated cast red brass. For ease of conductor connection, accommodates two conductors of unlike size in a single connector. Other styles of connectors are also available.
Two-placelocking: To Prevent Side Movement of Hood, Contacts or Hooks
Upper contacts: Silver-to- Silver, stainless-steel spring provides high contact Pressure
Rugged attachment hooks: for Loadbuster guide tube during closing.
Fuse tube: Features Multi Wind-liner that’s virtually impervious to water ingress. Special UV- resistant finish assures long life. Models also available with disconnect blade.
Support insulator for cut out fuse
Copper ARC – shortening rod
Galvanized-steel channel
Lower contacts: (not visible)-silver-to-silver provide dual current path. Independent of hinge pivots. Stainless-steel Backup spring prevent arcing when tube rises in hinge during recoil.
Sturdy ferrules: Cast red pinned to top and bottom of tube for permanent alignment. Either the large, accessible lifting ring or the keyhole (not visible in photo) may be engaged with a hookstick for secure control of fuse tube during fuse-tube installation or removal.
Trunnion: High-strength cast bronze. Silver plated Surfaces. Around trunnion bear on broad hinge surfaces to keep tube in alignment during closing.
Parallel-groove connector: Tin-plated cast red brass. For ease of conductor connection, accommodates two conductors of unlike size in a single connector. Other styles of connectors are also available.
Flipper: Gives high-speed terminal operation, quick cable flip - out, and (in conjunction with the toggle joint) reduces transmission of force to fuse link during closing.

Composite insulator materials:
lnner Core:
The inner core of distribution suspension / dead-end and line post insulators are made of a high quality fiber glass that has been especially for mulated for electrical and mechanical applications.
Housing and sheds
The housing and sheds of the insulator are one piece, injection molded silicone rubber is chemically bonded to the inner core.
This ensures that the interface between the rubber and inner core is impenetrable against moisture ingress.
End Fittings:
The end fitting on the distribution suspension / dead-end insulator is made of high strength, forged steel. The insulators have Specified Mechanical Load (SML) rating of 70KN (15600 lbs). All insulators Routine Test Load (RTL) are proof tested to 35KN (7800 lbs) in tension.

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