Composite insulators

Composite insulators were introduced on the market to address the needs of specific line environments and applications. Composite insulators have many advantages compared with porcelain insulators.

Composite insulators

Composite insulators combine high pollution performance and low weight which can be of great interest in many different types of applications.
In 1974, after a 10-year research and development program, Orient was one of the foremost leading manufacturer to introduce composite insulators to the market and to develop a full range of insulator profiles which allow utilities to:

Reduce the frequency of washing in highly contaminated areas
Use narrow right of ways in urban areas designing compact lines with structures using line posts, braced line posts, and jumper loops
Upgrade line capacity by increasing the voltage or the number of circuits through the use of line post designs
Deal with ice loading and galloping problems with custom-designed composite phase spacers
Optimize line protection with composite line surge arresters and customized lightning studies

The dependability in service of Orient composite insulators over the last 35 years has been built on:
An impenetrable design: best protecting design against brittle fracture, internal tracking or puncture
Unrivalled fitting and interface design: reducing electric fields at critical points of interface
Superior rubber materials: specially developed by our Corporate Technology dept, rather than off-the-shelf products
A quality-driven manufacturing process
Continuing research: optimizing performance and reliability and offering innovative products
Regular laboratory and field testing in cooperation with key utilities, testing and research bodies such as Eskom (Koeberg Insulator Pollution Test Station), EdF (Martigues Test Station) and, EPRI continuously evaluating materials and designs

This dependability is demonstrated by the continuing excellent performance of:
More than 5 million composite insulators in service worldwide
Insulators operating in all kinds of environments at voltages from 15 kV to 765 kV

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