Composite line post insulators

Composite line post insulators are the reliable electrical products and can be used in contamination environments manufactured of silicone rubber.

Composite line post insulators

According to insulator installed direction, Composite line post insulators can be divided into
◆ Horizontal line post insulators
◆ Vertical line post insulators

Composite line post insulators can be designed up to 132kv to use on transmission overhead power lines with good mechanical and electrical strength.

The features of Composite line post insulators
◆ Galvanized end fittings designed to reduce the E-field and provide a large surface rubber bonding
◆ High voltage line post insulator shall be used with grading rings
◆ Housing materials are use high quality raw material
◆ End fittings: hot dip galvanized steel, ductile iron and forged steel
◆ Core: fiberglass rod providing high mechanical strength to withstand mechanical stress

The grading rings for Composite line post insulators can be made from high grade aluminum alloy, stainless steel and should use with bolts.


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