Composite station post insulators

Composite station post insulators include IEC Silicone Station Posts, Cap and Pin Replacement Station Posts, and other types. All these insulators can take place of porcelain station post insulators.

Composite station post insulators

IEC Silicone Station Posts:
To service the international market Orient produces silicone composite station posts that meet the dimensional requirements of IEC 60273. Silicone IEC station posts in addition to providing protection against ultraviolet radition, electrical aging, seismic activity. They also exhibit hydrophobic properties that make them an excellent product to use in highly polluted or coastal environments.

These insulators may be used on bus support and may also be used by switch manufacturers because of the reduced weight and ease of construction. Orient has a long history of working with switch manufacturers for both substation and line switches.

Cap and Pin Replacement Station Posts:
Cap and Pin Insulator Replacement Insulators: For many years, substations were constructed using porcelain cap and pin insulators. Many of these substations are now reaching an age where the cap and pin designs have problems and need to be replaced. Many utilities using the cap and pin designs have experienced failures in service in which the insulators separates and comes apart. By stacking multiple cap and pins on top of each other to get the required insulation voltage, this meant there were multiple joints to allow separation and failure. These failures can usually be attributed to cement growth.

As a result of age problems, many utilities have now found the need to replace the old cap and pin style insulators. A major problem has been that cap and pin insulators were generally a different height from the current station posts being used today. To solve this problem, Orient has developed a series of silicone insulators that are the one piece units that are direct height replacements for the old cap and pin designs. This means no need to adjust bus or switches.

Advantages of using Orient Silicone Cap and Pin Replacements:
Direct height replacement for porcelain cap and pin TR numbers in ANSI C-29.8
Lighter weight one piece designs
Assembly cost savings
Superior contamination performance from silicone
Superior seismic performance
Damage resistant

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