Conductor Accessories range

Conductor Accessories range includes suspension clamps, wedge clamps, compression dead end clamps, jumper connectors/palms, non-tension joint spacers, BI-metallic connectors, Line Termination Fittings, Repair Sleeves, etc.

Suspension clamps   Compression dead end clamps

Conductor Accessories range:
Suspension clamps:
Suspension Clamps are available for the majority of conductors in common use.
This range includes clamps of forged aluminium and clamps of galvanised malleable cast iron which are supplied complete with aluminium liners for use with aluminium based conductors.
Suspension Clamps for earth wire applications are similarly available. These clamps are provided with suitable lugs for the connection of earth bonds.
Suspension clamps are designed to meet requirements of BS EN 61284 and NGTS 3.4.6. as and where applicable.
Other Suspension and Strain Clamps: Cast Iron Suspension Clamp, Aluminium Strain Clamp, Cast Iron Trunnion Support Clamp, Aluminium Suspension Clamp, Helixon Suspension Clamps, Aluminium Trunnion Support Clamp, Aluminium Pivot Suspension Clamp

Wedge clamps:
A selection of wedge clamps is available to suit the majority of commonly used AAAC conductors.
The range includes clamps suitable for 200mm. Sq. Poplar conductor and up to and including 850mm. Sq. Redwood conductor.

Compression dead end clamps:
A comprehensive range of compression anchor clamps is available suitable for majority of AAC, AAAC and ACSR conductors. This range includes the special GZT ACSR conductor (Matthew) for which Orient Limited was at the forefront of the design of the relevant fittings in collaboration with National Grid.
Compression anchor clamps are available either as bolted type suitable for detachable jumper palms or the integral types having angled or straight jumper facility.

Jumper connectors/palms:
A range of angled and straight jumper palms to compliment the bolted compression clamps is similarly available for AAC, AAAC and ACSR conductors.
Also available is a range of jumper palms suitable for bi-metallic connections.

Mid-span & non-tension joints:
Mid span joints are used to connect two lengths of conductor together between the towers and are classed as tension joints. These are available for the majority of commonly used conductors.
Non-tension Joints are used in an identical manner to mid-span joints but where the conductor is not at line tension i.e. jumper loops, down leads, etc.

Non-tension joint spacers:
A range of non-tension joint spacers is available for twin, triple and quad constructions. These items are used to maintain the spacing of the conductors in Jumper Loops and also, as required, for conductor bonding or jointing. Spacers are available for a variety of conductors.

BI-metallic connectors:
A range of Bi-metallic connectors is available in angled palm, straight palm or pin type format.

Line Termination Fittings:
A range of Line Termination fittings is available suitable for the majority of conductors in common use.

Repair Sleeves:
Repair sleeves are used where the strands of the conductor are broken. The sleeve is simply compressed over the damaged section of the conductor. The diameter and the length vary in order to suit the applicable conductor.

Jumper & Suspension Clamps Weights:
Jumper weights are available for single, twin, triple and quad conductor configurations. These weights range from 6.5kg to 50kg. Combined 85kg clamp weights for twin, triple and quad conductor bundles are similarly available. These clamp weights are supplied complete with aluminium liners where applicable.
For the more common pilot/dolly suspension sets used on 132kV systems, weights for connection directly to the suspension clamp via extended “U” bolts are available. These weights range from 22.5kg. upwards in multiples of 25kg.
Where required, a system of weights and accessories, is available for connection to twin yoke plates (28/22 and 42/22).
All weights are galvanised in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461 and NGTS 3.4.6. as and where applicable.

Vibration Control:
Line Hardware. Cast Iron Spacer
Protective Fittings. Quad Spacer - Dampers
Protective Fittings. Six Bundle Spacer - Damper
Protective Fittings. Spacer Closing Tool
Protective Fittings. Triple Spacers - Dampers
Protective Fittings. Twin Spacer - Damper
Protective Fittings. Twin Spacer
Protective Fittings. Vibration Damper
Dulhunty Vibration and Spacer Damper Seminar Presentation

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