Conductor materials

Conductor is one main of parts for electrical systems or transmission and distribution power lines. There are many Conductor materials used for transporting the power.

Conductor materials

Conductor materials normally has
◆ Copper: which is one ideal material overhead lines owning to its high electrical conductivity and greater tensile strength
◆ Aluminum: which is cheaper price and lighter weight than copper conductor
◆ Steel-cored aluminum: ASCR conductor is one popular conductors used for overhead lines, also called aluminum conductor steel reinforced
◆ Galvanized steel: which has highest tensile strength, used for long spans overhead lines
◆ Cadmium copper: also called copper alloy

The properties of Conductor materials
◆ High electrical conductivity
◆ High tensile strength
◆ Withstand mechanical stress
◆ Low costs
◆ Hot competitive

The most commonly material for overhead lines or family lines are copper, aluminum, galvanized steel, and others. Sometimes, the water is used as conductor.


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