Control Panels & Switchboard Components

Control Panels & Switchboard Components include Phenolic Sheets (Fibre Sheets), Metal Din Rail (Mounting Rail), Brass Neutral Links, Brass Terminal Blocks / Strips, Busbar Support Insulators, Cable Lugs, etc.

Control Panels & Switchboard Components:
Phenolic Sheets (Fibre Sheets): Paper Based Phenolic Bonded Sheets, Fabric Based Phenolic Sheets
Metal Din Rail (Mounting Rail)
Brass Neutral Links
Brass Terminal Blocks / Strips
Busbar Support Insulators: Conical Series, Cylindrical Series, Mini Insulators, Hex Series, Drum Series, Octagonal Series, Single Pole Support System, Finger Type Busbar Support, Horizontal Busbar Mounting System, Three Phase & Neutral Busbar Supports, Single Pole Grip Type Support, Three Pole Grip Type Support, Four pole Grip Type Support, High Tension Post Type Insulators, Epoxy Resin Cast Insulators HT 11KV to 33KV, LV & HV Bushing, Technical Specification DMC / SMC / EPOXY
Brass Cable Glands
Brass Earthing Accessories
Cable Lugs: Copper-Aluminium Bi-Metal Lugs, Bimetalic Compression Reducers, Bi Metal Spill Connector, Bi-Metallic Pin Connector, Bi-Metallic Connector, C Tap Connector, Copper In-line Connectors, Non-Tension Bi-Metallic Compression Joints, Tubular Cable Lugs
Automobile Battery Terminals made of Brass
Electrical Conduit Boxes Made of Cast Iron Hot Dip Galvanised
Panel Accessories: Panel Hinges, Panel Screws, Electrical Measuring Panel Meters

Control Panels & Switchboard Components are main parts of Orient Power products. If you need these products details please contact us online or send email to us.

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