Crossarm is a kind of pole line hardware, and the following is the Cross arm details, Crossarm Testing, Crossarm packing, crossarm specifications and other details. Cross arm is used with poles, fittings or insulators.

Crossarm details:
Galvanising would be the hot dipped process .The preparation for galvanising and galvanising process was not effect on the mechanical properties of the materials being coated.
Drilling punching cutting bending removal of burrs and all machining would be completed before galvanising.
The zinc coating would be smooth clean and of uniform thickness and free from defects. The preparation for galvanising and the galvanising itself would not adversely affect the mechanical properties of the coated materials.
The average thickness of the zinc coating would be equivalent to not less than 0.61kg/m2 of zinc for all surfaces, except steel wires. Galvanising will be tested in accordance with the appropriate BS or equivalent standard in order to determine that it complies with this requirement.


Crossarm Testing:
The fittings shall be fixed in a mechanical testing device as similar as possible with the assembly later during use

Crossarm packing:
All materials of the electric power fitting shall be packed in wooden / bags cases of maximum weight of every wooden box 25 kg.
The wooden cases shall be suitable for the transport of the pieces without damaging the galvanization, and shall allow air to circulate and the used wood shall be completely dry in order to avoid any corrosion of the fittings.

Crossarm specifications:
The steel material was complying with the applicable requirements of ASTM A36 or equivalent with minimum yield strength of 250 Newton per sq. millimeter.
Cross Arm Braces was hot-dipped galvanized with the minimum average coating thickness of 0.086 mm (equivalent to 610 g/m²).
Holes shall be cut, drilled, or punched at right angles to the surface and was made or enlarged by burning. Holes were clean cut without torn or ragged edges and burrs resulting from the drilling or reaming operations will be removed.
We can promise that the thickness of the steel shall be 4 mm. or minimum 3.9 which is within tolerance limit.

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