Disc Insulators

Disc Insulators are high tension insulators for transmission and distribution lines from 11kv to 400kv. Glaze adds to mechanical strength and gives smooth surface and ball & socket type discs are the common.

Disc Insulators materials:

Socket Cap
Malleable Cast Iron Hot Dip Galvanized
Security Clip
Phosphor Bronze or Stainless Steel
Rapid Hardening Portland
Ball Pin
Forged Steel Hot Dip Galvanized

Disc Insulators Salient Features:
Our suspension/tension disc insulators ensure maximum creepage path due to their distinctive geometrical configuration. Smooth rounded contours of shell provide protection against chipping. The glaze applied is compressive in nature, adds to mechanical strength and provides smooth surface for self cleaning under contamination. Caps are made of malleable cast iron and pins of forged steel. These are galvanized to provide better protection against corrosion. Socket caps and pins are checked by specified gauges one and all to assure interchangeability. Socket portion suits 'R' clip or 'W' clip. The security clips are made of phosphor bronze or stainless steel.

Disc Insulators

Ball & socket coupling. B.S. & IEC std.: ‘W’ clip after installation, ‘R’ clip after installation
Ball & Socket Type Discs (Normal Profile)
IS / BS / IEC specifications
Applicable Specification: IS 731, BS: 137 & IEC: 383
Export packing of insulators in pallets

Disc Insulators specifications:
Porcelain Dia., Spacing, Creepage Distance Total Creepage, Creepage Distance protected Creepage, Combined Electro Mechanical Strength, Flashover Voltage Power Frequency Dry / Wet, Flashover Voltage Impulse Positive / Negative, Withstand Voltage Power Frequency Dry / Wet, Withstand Voltage Impulse Positive / Negative, Power Frequency Puncture Voltage, Visible Discharge Voltage, Radio Influence Voltage data Test Voltage RMS to ground, Radio Influence Voltage data Max R I V at 1MHz, Ball & Socket Size, Nett Weight (Approx), Contents of each package

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