Distribution line post insulators

Distribution line post insulators are used on overhead distribution lines operating at and below 132 kV. Distribution line post insulators are commonly installed on metal, concrete or wooden structures to horizontally or vertically support the line conductor, also called horizontal line post insulator and vertical line post insulator. Also, distribution line post insulators can be used to support high voltage conductor jumpers or leads.

Distribution line post insulator              Porcelain line post insulator

Distribution line post insulators design:
Distribution line post insulators designed mainly for flexural loads (bending) but also tension and compression, thus having combined loading capability. Normally utilized as a single unit can also be a double insulator assembly. Porcelain materials for porcelain line post insulators are most suitable for the application on compact lines and retrofitting due to their flexibility, overloads absorption capacity and reduced weight.

The economical design for our distribution line post insulators lasts far longer in the field. With many in operation for the last 25 years, distribution line post insulators exhibit no change in their mechanical/electrical characteristics, proving to be highly reliable in the field. Our porcelain line post insulator is approved by the RUS.

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