Distribution porcelain line post insulator

Distribution porcelain line post insulator can be installed in horizontal or vertical applications. These porcelain insulators can be divided into clamp-top type and tie-top type as per their ways of fixing wires.

Distribution porcelain line post insulator              Distribution porcelain line post insulators

Distribution porcelain line post insulator specifications:
Insulating material: The insulator body of the unit is made from high quality aluminum oxide porcelain, either C-130 (IEC 60672) or C-120 as per customer's request.
Glaze color: Brown or grey.
Cementing: Portland cement is also possible.
Smooth rounded contours of the shell provide protection against chipping.

The design of porcelain line post insulators is affected decisively by the ANSI C29.7. Orient also can manufacture line post insulators as per requirements of our customers and depends strongly on the environmental conditions of their future location. Based on decades of experience and latest manufacturing methods Orient Power can also produce unusual geometries for distribution porcelain line post insulator.

More details about Distribution porcelain line post insulator tests, price, price guide, designs or manufacturing process, please contact Orient freely.

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