Dry process porcelain line post insulator

As a line post insulator manufacturer, we had started making insulators from "dry press" porcelain, so-called because the almost dry porcelain in granular form was pressed (dry) into 2 or 3 piece steel molds. We called dry process porcelain line post insulator in this way for manufacturing insulator. These porcelain line post insulators tended to be porous and they were practical only for lower voltages and in drier conditions. Dry process insulators, where unglazed, appear grainy and may have dark lines where dirt has entered the tiny cracks and holes in the clay. Some typical examples of dry process insulators include U-701, U-744, U-928B, and U-935A, as well as a multitude of smaller signal styles made for low voltage use. Often there is a discernible mold line visible on the insulator body. Many electrical experts thought, correctly, that wet process porcelain line post insulator was by far superior and could withstand higher voltages.

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Compared with dry process, wet process porcelain line post insulator performances have:
Wet process porcelain is mixed wet, plunged in a mold, threads plunged, shaped on a wheel or turning machine, then dried, glazed, and fired at very high temperatures. The porcelain, when properly made, lacks the tiny cracks and voids found in dry process porcelain. The key is to remove the air from the clay during mixing. Orient Power can manufacture high performance ANSI class standard line post insulator.

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