Electrical and mechanical design of insulators

Electrical and mechanical design of insulators will be shown in this article based on Insulation Basics and Line and Substation Coordination, and this is the basis of design.

Electrical design of insulators

Insulation Basics of Electrical and mechanical design of insulators:
Insulation is subjected to electrical and mechanical stresses
Electrical stresses include:
Power frequency voltage
Switching impulse voltage
Lightning impulse voltage
Mechanical stresses include:
Tension loads (suspension and tension strings)
Compressive loads (braced post insulators)
Cantilever loads (post insulators)

Line and Substation Coordination of Electrical and mechanical design of insulators:
Impulse flashover strength of overhead line insulator usually exceeds BIL of substation plant insulation
132 kV line insulation – 650 to 700 kV, 132kV BIL of substation plant – 550 kV
Line insulator is self-restoring, substation insulation may result in destructive failure
Measures need to be employed to protect substation plant from lightning surges
Installation of earthwire
Low tower footing resistance close to substation
Installation of surge arresters

You can read more details about electrical and mechanical design of insulators on Orient Power website.

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