Electrical insulator porcelain line post type

As a China porcelain insulator manufacturer, Orient Power manufactures a complete line of wet process electrical insulator porcelain line post type for application through 132 kV.

Electrical insulator porcelain line post type              insulator porcelain line post type

Electrical insulator porcelain line post type:
Tie top line posts: ANSI 57-1, ANSI 57-2, ANSI 57-3 is F neck; ANSI 57-4, ANSI 57-5, ANSI 57-6 is N neck
Vertical clamp top type: ANSI 57-11, ANSI 57-12, ANSI 57-13, ANSI 57-14, ANSI 57-15, ANSI 57-16 are stud base type line post insulators.
Horizontal clamp top-cup base type: classes 57-21, 57-22, 57-23, 57-24, 57-25 and 57-26
Horizontal clamp top gain base type, classes 57-31, 57-32, 57-33, 57-34, 57-35 and 57-36

There are no internal bursting forces from pins or inserts to damage porcelain. Design is radio-TV interference free with a minimum of parts to facilitate hot-line maintenance. Their trim, sturdy sheds enable them to withstand attacks from atones, bullets and power arcover far better than any pin type unit ever designed.

All units of Electrical insulator porcelain line post type are manufactured from high strength alumina porcelain and are smaller in diameter, lighter in weight and more resistant to impact damage than porcelain line post insulator manufactured from standard strength silica porcelain.

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Orient is an international line post insulator manufacturer and supplier of high quality porcelain line post insulators and porcelain pin post insulator.
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